Dealer-First Blackjack

never hit those 15's & 16's again before knowing if the dealer has a made hand

let the dealer risk busting, before you

feel confident at the table without memorizing basic strategy

know exactly what you need to beat, before taking a hit

new surrender options that return 100% of original bet

doubling and splitting allowed, just like traditional rules

play at the same table with traditional BJ players, against the same dealer

stick to one ruleset, or alternate between hands

What are the rules?

All hitting & standing happens after the dealer has finished
when you agree to just 3 simple rule changes to Player hands:
• Aces Always = 11™
• Hit All Ties
• Must Exceed 13 After Dealer Bust


• So if the dealer busts, I win?
Yes, if your hand exceeds 13 it's an automatic winner. Otherwise you have two options: you can hit until the hand safely exceeds 13 or busts, or you can simply call the hand a push and get your full bet back.
• If I get a blackjack?
Blackjacks are treated just like normal blackjack rules and pay 3-to-2, or whatever payout is printed on the table felt.
• Can I double down?
You can. In fact, because doubling down doesn't allow for any additional hits (as long as the 3rd card doesn't cause a bust) rules #2 and #3 above won't apply to your hand.
• What about splitting pairs?
Yes, you can split pairs also. Each split hand will get its second card before the dealer, but then all split hands are played after the dealer finishes. The only exception is Aces. If your first two cards are both Aces, the hand is considered a push and you get your full bet back.

Questions or Inquiries

email: info(at)dealerfirstblackjack(dotcom)

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